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Saar Levi – CEO at Cedex.com

Saar Levi has been an entrepreneur since 1993. He has over 15 years' experience in the global financial markets and has held senior roles in leading financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital and Intesa Sanpaolo. He served as the CEO of Luxemburg Art Exchange and was the Founder and CEO of LEM Management Ltd.  

Robert Lufkin, MD – Co-founder at dmed.ai

ROBERT LUFKIN, MD Co-founder dmed.ai   -Lifelong love of artificial intelligence starting with LISP programming ELIZA style chatbots and music composer programs in middle school -In high school attended special classes at MIT in computer programming and physics -Worked throughout high school at Harvard Primate Research lab where Hubel and Wiesel had their lab. [They later won Nobel Prizes for their work there describing the mammalian visual cortex which proved to be the basis for deep convolutional neural networks] -National Merit Scholarship finalist -Attended Brown University with ScB in Biomedicine and minor in Computer Science -Worked throughout college as a technician/operator with mainframe IBM Model 67 computers for the Computer Science Department. -Attended University of Virginia, University of Oregon and UCLA Schools of Medicine for Medical School, Internship, Residency, and Fellowship in MRI -Awarded C. Richard Bowman Scholarship for Academic Excellence -Ran the Patient Arm of the Clinical Trial portion of the FDA PMA submission for the FONAR MR scanner -Developed innovative devices for MR guided interventional procedures including high nickel stainless steel needles [requiring FDA approval] which were later sold by a major vendor as the 'Lufkin Needle'. -Principle Investigator on multimillion dollar grants from both Siemens and GE Medical systems to develop new technology in magnetic resonance imaging [which required FDA approval]. -Published over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers, 32 chapters and 13 textbooks on medical imaging. -Elected President of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology. -Elected President of the Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and awarded the society's highest honor for his research. -International reputation for excellence and has given invited lectures and keynotes in 18 countries. -Named one of the most creative people in Los Angeles by Buzz Magazine. -Tenured Professor and Chief of Head and Neck Radiology at UCLA School of Medicine until 2012 when he left to devote fulltime to applications of artificial intelligence in medicine. -Co-founded dmed.ai to create decentralized medical artificial intelligence platform to  transform healthcare.

Martijn Hoogeveen CEO at Icecat

Martijn Hoogeveen PhD is involved in Icecat as CEO and founder since 2001. He got the idea for Icecat's services while creating and managing earlier retail and e-business enterprises, for which high-quality and consumer-oriented product data was required. The former professor multimedia/ecommerce is a driving force of the innovation and global expansion of Icecat. Via investment vehicles Netvalue and iMerge, he has 20 years of experience in the management of fast-growth tech ventures, mergers & acquisitions, including an investment in blockchain cloud provider Ledgable, what is useful for the continued fast-growth of Icecat and the ICURY Ecosystem.

Marcin Cebula – Member Of The Management Board at BitBay

Marcin Cebula - The experienced professional in the field of cashless
payments. Co-creator of new and innovative methods of acceptance. In the
past years, he has gained experience with several projects in cashless
industry working for major PSP and acquirers (First Data, PolCard,
Enthusiast of practical use of virtual currencies and blockchain
technology frequently invited as a speaker at Crypto/Blockchain and
Finance conferences.
For over a year, Marcin has been proud member of BitBay.net [9] Team
responsible for the development and commercialization of BitBayPay.com
[10] (the largest payment platform for virtual currency payments in
Central Europe) and supports high value exchange transactions in crypto
(1000 BTC+).

Philip Young – Director at Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Philip is a founding team member and the Marketing Director of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange  
(GSX),  which was successfully launched in 2014.
He has been instrumental in GSX's latest initiative the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), 
an institutional grade digital asset exchange and token sale platform.  

Philip has over 25 years experience in the capital markets, including 10 years working as 
an analyst at a global hedge fund and as an investment committee member of an emerging market  
private equity firm.
Philip is a CFA Charterholder.

Arek Kuich – Co-founder of ARRINERA hypercars

Serial entrepreneur, visionary, strategist, co-founder, and investor in over 30 companies.
Member of many Management and Supervisory Boards.
Competences in new business and investment development.
Involved in 10 IPOs.

Rohan Kale – Video specialist for Blockchain

Rohan Kale is originally from India. After having an IT job and being frustrated with life, he landed into the world of gambling where he lost all his saving. Then he took his last gamble which was the education loan and came to Germany to pursue his MBA. He successfully finished the course and landed a job in one of the best automotive companies. Within 2 years he was able to pay off all his education debt and money that he owed his family from the gambling days. His love for cartoons, marketing and travelling made him start his own animation company and within 2 years he has a team of 15 people working with him and helping businesses all over the world

Philipp von Breitenbach Senior Account Manager at XTB Deutschland

Philipp von Breitenbach Referent Philipp von Breitenbach ist Senior Account Manager bei XTB Deutschland. Von Haus aus Historiker beschäftigt er sich seit der Finanzkrise 2008 intensiv mit dem Finanzsystem. Er selbst ist bereits seit 2010 aktiver Trader und betreut heute Privat- und Firmenkunden bei XTB. Dazu optimiert er als Trading Coach im XTB Ausbildungsservice Trading-Strategien und vermittelt Techniken des Risiko- und Moneymanagements. Auf den großen Finanzmessen und Börsentagen hält Herr von Breitenbach regelmäßig spannende Vorträge zum Finanzmarkt.

Nick Sorokin CFO at KZCash

Nick Sorokin, 36 years old Education and knowledge – graduated accountant, CAP. MBA in Strategic Management. C and Java programming languages. Blockchain enthusiast. Experience: 7 years experience in accounting. 2014-2017 financial analyst, stocks and futures trader. October, 2017 – present  Financial Advisor at KZCash Project

Mariusz Szypura – CEO at GamesCatapult

Mariusz Szypura is the CEO of a Warsaw-based game developing company - Telehorse. Mariusz studied at Poznan University of Technology. He has worked for advertising agencies as a graphic designer and creative director, running hundreds of campaigns and projects. He has co-operated with major record labels and designed several album covers. What is more, Mariusz is an experienced musician with more than a dozen records under his belt. Telehorse allows him to pull all his skills together and develop video games on his own. Telehorse released award-winning games: Steampunker, Steamburg, Steampunker VR Periscope Shooter and Steamkraft. Mariusz Szypura ranked 26th on the 50 Most Creative People in Business list compiled by Brief.pl. Now he is the creative mind involved into building a new gaming platform based on blockchains – GameCatapult.

Sven-Roger von Schilling – Managing Partner at svs CAPITAL PARTNERS

Sven von Schilling is founder and Managing Partner of svs Capital Partners. He advises German and international SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and financial investors, foremost on strategy, finance and M&A.

Sven started his professional career in the early 90-ies as a management consultant at McKinsey and CSC Index, both in Europe and the US. From 2000 until 2010 he was the CFO of a number of PE-owned (syzygy, Petrotec, Leybold Optics) as well as listed tech companies (Gauss Interprise, FJH). In 2010 Sven founded and was the CEO of European CleanTech I, Germany's second SPAC.

Sven was always at the forefront of capital raising, he prepared and managed 4 Prime Standard IPOs (syzygy, Petrotec, ECT I, deSPACing of ECT I) and advised Helicoentris on a segment change from the General Standard to the Prime Standard. He structured and coordinated two of Germany's largest 6 crowdfundings (Volocopter, Freygeist) and currently advises a dozen of companies on preparing ICOs.

Sven holds a MBA of Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) as well as a Diplom-Betriebswirt/BBA of DHBW Mannheim (Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University).

Rostislav Revyuk – President of AviaSchools.com

Experience & biography: The first valuable step of Rostislav’s career was PricewaterhouseCoopers company as an auditor in mining industry from beginning of 2007 due to successful prior experience in accounting. His further employment was in aviation industry as a Financial controller of CIS (2008 – 2010). It was Lufthansa subsidiary sub holding, which started the aggressive expansion in CIS countries. Starting from October 2010 Rostislav became the Financial Officer of South Africa division of MMC Norilsk Nickel thanks to special offer for two years. At the same period Rostislav started to obtain the Master degree of two-years part-time program of applied mathematics and informatics at The Higher School of Economics. From beginning of 2013 Rostislav returned back to aviation industry as a Deputy CFO in A-Group company. In 2015 Rostislav was promoted to Group CFO. As part of his employment he advised company’s clients on arranging leasing of business jets as well as providing financial consulting on purchase and sale of jets abroad and in Russia.

Genadi Man -CEO of Kasko2go

Entrepreneur, founder of Telesens KSCL AG - one of the leading telco billing companies worldwide with 1,600 employees in 13 countries, responsible for revenue about 300M EUR. Has founded of ManOilGroup AG. As the Chairman of the Board Mr. Man headed the company specialized in technologies for the large-area treatment of oil spills and oil sludge. 

Christopher Zenios – COO & Co-Founder at Alcaeus Labs

Christopher has always been a pioneer, a first adopter when it comes to technological advancements. He was among the first to master Search Engine Optimisation, whist studying at the University of Nicosia, back in the day when Google was just a start-up company and the internet was still at its infancy. He eventually went on to become an accomplished trainer on SEO. An inquisitive spirit on the constant lookout for the next big thing, Christopher dove into the world of blockchain some time ago. Having accumulated enough knowledge and expertise on the subject, he is currently Alcaeus Labs' COO & Co-Founder, working as a blockchain advisor to organisations, always keeping his feet on solid ground in regards to the future.

Kim Rom – Chief Gaming Officer – at Kinguin

20+ years of building top-performing teams in gaming and esports. Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits in gaming-focused companies, co-author of 10 patents related to esports, hardware & player performance. Formerly served as Chief Marketing Officer at SteelSeries, VP of Esports at CBS Interactive, VP of Growth & Engagement at GameSpot, CEO & Founder at level99.

Tetyana Skydan – Editor in Chief at Selfllery.com

Tatiana is an expert in mass-media, with more than 15 years experience in radio and publishing, PR, communications and creativity. As part of the SELFLLERY team, she acts as editor-in-chief, and is responsible for every word spoken on behalf of the company.

Juan Imaz Azcarretazabal CEO at Profede.com

Successful serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the online marketing, professional communities and online business. Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiast. Expert in business models and escalating projects.

Ryan Case – Head of Partnerships – Europe at ThinkCoin & ThinkMarkets

Ryan Case

Head of Partnerships – Europe at ThinkCoin & ThinkMarkets

Prior to joining ThinkMarkets Ryan was based in Hong Kong as Global Head of Institutional Sales for ABX. He also has broad market experience from his macro trading background at a boutique Australian hedge fund. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business (Finance Major) from Queensland University of Technology.

Timo Dreger – Investment Manager at coparion GmbH & Co. KG

Timo Dreger is an Investment Manager at coparion, a 225m EUR venture capital fund for young German technology companies. Before joining coparion, Timo worked as a Head of Digital for Helvetia - one of the largest insurance companies in Switzerland, as an early-stage investor at London-based Apeiron Investment Group, as VP Insurance at Commerzbank backed FinTech Start-up OptioPay, as a Digital Transformation Consultant at JDC Group, Germany´s largest IFA network with more than 16,000 independent financial advisors and 1m retail clients and as a Global Head of Innovation & New Ventures at Varengold Bank in London/ Dubai. Timo is consistently ranked as one of the leading FinTech and InsurTech Influencer worldwide. Furthermore, he was a Global Shaper Curator of the World Economic Forum and is an enthusiastic lacrosse and golf player.

Alyona Selezneva – Project Manager of SmartO

Alyona graduated from one of the best linguistic universities of Russia — LUNN, majoring in International Policy Studies. It gave her the necessary knowledge to work in international field. Alyona is responsible for overseeing the execution of all tasks and goals. Experience in managing WorldClass — one of the largest Russian fitness club chains gave a powerful boost to understanding of executive field and experience in working under pressure in multi-tasking environment. In her free time she enjoys traveling, books and believes into the future of science and IT technologies.

Brian Bossler – COO at TontineTrust Ltd

Brian Bossler is COO at TontineTrust Ltd with over twenty years of experience in marketing, sales, insurance and technology. With formal training and experience with industry leaders like Aon and MetLife, he has achieved success as a serial Fintech & Insuretech entrepreneur. He is a passionate supporter of Blockchain, Stellar and the direct application of DLT to real-world challenges.  

Alex Preukschat – Co-Founder / Blockchain strategy at Globatalent

Alex is the Co-founder and Blockchain Strategy at Globatalent. He is passionate about the social transformation propitiated by the technology and the P2P economy. He is an advisor for strategic development and project management in the Blockchain ecosystem. He has gained an incredible level of experience in the financial sector (FinTech) as well as in the tourism industry. Alex is also the Co-founder of BlockchainEspana.com and the Co-ordinating author of the Blockchain bestseller LibroBlockchain.com. His writing ability doesn't stop there as he is also the co-author of the world's first graphic novel about Bitcoin (BitcoinComic.org), as well as mobile games which were inspired by the world of cryptocurrency from MoneyFunGames.com.
Visit us at globatalent.com

Barbara Lampl – serial entrepreneur, associate professor

Barbara Lampl, serial entrepreneur, associate professor, Top 3  in ''Women in Fintech'' list of the social media ranking of German-speaking countries. She is a behavioral mathematican, fascinates by the human factor in business and data science.Barbara is a finace vetran, a fintech and crypto admirer, a data science geek and a math lover. She has degrees from University of Konstanz and University of Zurich in math, finance and psychology. She is the  founder of Empathic Business, with wide backgrounds in finance in investing  also associate porfessor at the University of Bielefeld and Fresenius University.

Dean McClelland – CEO &Founder at TontineTrust Limited

Dean has been in finance for over 20 years having studied accounting & finance in Ireland before moving to London to work as an Equity Salestrader in the “the City”. In 2000 his group acquired

Frankfurt based börsenmakler Oppenberg Capital Markets, which evolved into a Wertpapierhandelsbank focused on capital and liquidity solutions for large listed European corporates such as Allianz, Munich RE, TUI, Cap Gemini etc. as well as a host of hedge funds and insurance companies.

Following the sale of the investment bank in 2007, Dean has primarily focused Equity Finance & Real Estate finance whilst retaining more than a passing interest in Fintech & peer-to-peer payments.

Having first been exposed to Bitcoin in 2011, Dean is now exclusively involved in blockchain & crypto related projects with a particular focus on implementing Tontine Trust, a patent-pending solution, based on an idea originating out of academia, which brings Amazon levels of disruption to the retirement funding industry.


Markus Dold – Founder at eCharge.work

Markus Dold (51) is now the investor and founder of echarge.work AG, the smart eCharging solution for electric cars set to install 50,000 eCharging Stations in 2018 worldwide.

Previously, Markus Dold was the CEO of meXchange AG, a full-service provider for operational procurement for large corporate customers, municipal utilities, utilities and clinics that use consulting services, e-procurement solutions and invoice management. As part of his role as a member of the Executive Board, Markus Dold and his team have developed the smartgrid.work initiative as a joint solution by Stadtwerke GmbH for tailor-made Smartgrid Services.

Markus Dold studied Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim and has already founded several start-ups, developed software and IT-based solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Markus Dold, born in Haslach in the Kinzig Valley, worked for the hotel and tourism industry for several years and is regarded as a first-mover in the industry, since he was still in the 90's Internet-based reservation systems, virtual hotel tours. For example, for the Maritim hotel group and e-commerce platforms, content management systems and booking tools developed, which was then ultimately implemented in booking.com as an electronic hotel booking engine.

Radoslav Dragov – Business Developer at Ambrosus

Radoslav Dragov  is an  Account Manager  at Ambrosus.  In his professional life Rado has applied his expertise in business analysis and communication in multinational corporations, management consulting firms, and NGOs. He previously led projects and consulted at GemSeek, Wolters Kluwer and Enviu. His writings on business and management related topics have earned him top prizes from "St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award", "Peter Drucker Challenge", and "Project Firefly's Current Affairs Competition". Rado holds a BA in Management from Warwick Business School and a MSc in Organizational Change from Rotterdam School of Management.

Karsten Seidel-Partner at K&L Gates

Karsten Seidel is a partner and tax advisor in the firm’s Frankfurt office and member of the Tax practice group. He advises on the legal and tax aspects of private wealth and estate planning, including trusts and foundations and related international tax issues. In addition, he has broad experience in property reorganizations, real estate transactions and tax-efficient structuring of real estate. One of his fields of activity is the taxation of the income from investment of capital. He also advises clients in penal proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offenses. Furthermore, he regularly works in tax audits and tax litigation procedures.
Mr. Seidel is frequently recommended for tax law by JUVE Handbuch 2015/16–2017/18, a leading German legal publication.
Professional Background
Mr. Seidel started his career in a local law firm in the north of Germany. Subsequently, he worked in the Tax department of Ernst & Young and, from 2005, at an English law firm based in Frankfurt before joining K&L Gates in March 2015.
He was admitted to the Bar in 1998 and has been a German Certified Tax Advisor (Steuerberater) since 2005. In 2001 he qualified as a Specialist Lawyer in Administrative Law and in 2002 he qualified for Tax Law

Dr. Till Fock, M.C.J. – Partner at K&L Gates

Till Fock is a partner in the Berlin office. He focuses his practice on tax and regulatory issues in connection with the structuring of various types of collective investment schemes that invest in private equity, real estate, renewable energy, leasing contracts, and other asset classes. He also advises the initiators of and investors in these schemes as well as other market participants on transactions for such asset classes.

Best Lawyers/Handelsblatt lists him among the leading lawyers for providing legal advice on private equity law and private funds.

Professional Background

Till Fock was admitted to the Bar in 1998 and has been a German Certified Tax Advisor (Steuerberater) since 2002. Mr. Fock joined K&L Gates from an English law firm based in Berlin, where he was a partner and head of the financial markets team.


  • New German Fund Taxation Rules, K&L Gates Investment Management Alert, 5 August 2016

  • Private Debt– Regulatory and Tax: General Conditions for Institutional Investors (Private Debt – Regulatorische und steuerliche Rahmenbedingungen für institutionelle Investoren), co-author: Dr. Hilger von Livonius, Absolut Report 04 2016, p. 60 et seq.

Volker Horst Haupt Operations Manager at Avoncourt Partners GmbH

Volker Horst Haupt Operations Manager at Avoncourt Partners GmbH Avoncourt Partners is a Private Equity firm based in Munich. Co-founder at StopThirst.org Stopthirst is a non-profit working alongside international organizations to guarantee stable water supply in refugee camps.

Sven Möller – Swisscom Blockchain AG

Sven Möller Head of ICO Advisory Sven is a blockchain and distributed leger evangelist. He has a strong technical background and also worked as management consultant with a big 4. He has gained experience with several projects in the industry as IT architect and project manager. With his team he won several hackathons and innovation competitions in the blockchain space.

Wojtek Kaszycki –Founder at Mobilum

Wojtek Kaszycki – CEO / Founder
Wojtek lives in Warsaw, Poland. He is a husband and the father of three sons.
Wojtek speaks Polish and English. He studied Electronics and Telecommunications
(FET) at the Poznan University of Technology, followed by Strategic Management at
Warsaw High School of Management.
Since the onset of his professional career, heengaged in the implementation of innovations that change everyday life. He is a pioneer in the area of e-commerce and Fintech solutions. Between 1996 and 2001 he managed the first e-commerce agency in Poland - AGS NewMedia, in 1996 he created first e-commerce portal in Poland and 1998 he created empik.com (Polish Amazon). In 2010 he introduced List Group to polish financial sector managing its polish arm for three years. Following that period he was introducing GateLab (a Londons Stock Exchange company) to the market with first independent MTF).
He is a passionate investor looking for new business challenges employing management best practice and revolutionary technical inventions.He has founded several successful companies, such as the Management Consulting Group; Gifts of Nature; List Polska; WKM; Bizmatica Polska; BarTEC and finally, in
2017 MirroCool.
Wojtek's maxim is "To make the impossible possible" and is the moving force at

Matthew Rodbourne – Business Growth Manager at Ethbits

Matthew has been involved in Crypto Start Up's as an investor since Ethereum and recently joined Ethbits where Matthew is the Business Growth Manager. After successfully completing an ICO Matthew has taken a lead role in acquiring strategical partnerships within the crypto space and taken a lead role in optimising the copy trading algorithms in the development of the worlds first Cryptocurrency Copy Trading Platform. Matthew is currently working on relocating the company so as to comply with international trading regulations and obtain a bitcoin trading license before the launch iof iTrade which is scheduled for the beginning of Q3.

Hideki Ehara – MBA- CEO at AI Innovation Japan, Inc.

Hideki Ehara, MBA - CEO at AI Innovation Japan
Graduated from University in Silicon Valley, U.S.A., and worked at Adobe Systems. Based on the working experience of Silicon Valley, back in Japan, dealt with various global projects in Japanese major banks, US Financial group, Gibraltar/Prudential, French Financial group, AXA and BNP Paribus. Currently, managing a team of Blockchain Specialists and devoted to ICO consulting and PR.

Nicholas Foo – Founder & Fund Manager at Bullcoin Gold

Nicholas is the founder of the Bullcoin Gold project. He is a well-travelled multilingual entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency  and tea industries. Nicholas worked as a translator and is able to translate between English, Chinese and Japanese. He has  connections in about 200 countries and this will help to bring about worldwide adoption of Bullcoin Gold. Nicholas is familiar with the different projects on the cryptocurrency market and he is constantly updating himself about the developments in the blockchain industry. He is a devout Christian who strives to live by high moral standards.

Robert Wiecko – Head of Project Management at DASH

Robert is Head of Project Management at Dash, the leading e-commerce and payments-focused digital currency. Robert manages the project portfolio and organization of the open-source project network, working on the definition and implementation of internal processes for the unique Dash Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and crypto-currency project. An IT professional and entrepreneur living in Switzerland, spanning a career of seventeen years in IT sector. He previously held management roles at some of the world's leading IT and banking institutions such as Hewlett Packard or UBS. Robert holds a Master of Science degree from Bialystok University of Technology with a specialisation in Software Engineering. Robert is also a co-founder and CTO at KOOKU a global online gallery and concept store of art and design.

Dr. Thilo Winkeler – Partner at K&L Gates

Dr. Thilo Winkeler advises clients comprehensively on general corporate and M&A matters. He has broad experience in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and advises various national and international clients in connection with acquisitions and disposals in Germany and other European countries.
Additionally, Mr. Winkeler focuses on venture capital and new digital media transactions as well as on structuring management participation programs, among others. For several years he has advised various ventures and incubators on corporate structure set up.
Having worked on a number of large-scale transactions in the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors in recent years, Mr. Winkeler holds substantial experience in these industries.
Professional Background
Mr. Winkeler joined K&L Gates in October 2016. Prior to joining, he was partner in the Frankfurt office of a U.S. law firm, where he focused on corporate law, private equity, venture capital, and M&A since 2007. He began his legal career in 2001 with a global law firm in Frankfurt. He completed a bank apprenticeship at Commerzbank in Hamburg in 1993 and worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Greifswald and in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Stefan Heilmann – CEO at IEG Investment Group,

Stefan C. Heilmann

Chief Executive Officer
IEG – Investment Banking Group, Chief Executive Officer, Berlin IEG – USA, Chairman, Redwood City IEG – North Africa, Managing Director, Tunis IEG – Eurasia, Managing Director, Istanbul IEG – Kratos, Managing Director, Shanghai Dipl.-Kaufmann, CEMS-Master 25 years of experience in international M&A transactions, financing, capital market transactions with a focus on technology and Internet German, English, French  

Denis Kagane – CMO of the Goldmint project.

Denis graduated Moscow Technological University (MIREA), Faculty of Cybernetics, and also received an MBA degree in CIO in the Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation. He has extensive experience in the position of director of marketing and Internet marketing at the companies such as Absolut Bank, Moscow Credit Bank, Sobinbank, microfinance organizations Domestic money, VIVUS, Leadgenerators AdvAction and LEADS.su. Denis also worked in Germany as a web developer and has a unique experience of building a system of internet sales in the financial sphere.

Konstantin Plavnik – Co-Founder of crypto-games Ethernal Heroes and Cryptome.me

Co-founder  of Ethernal Heroes and Cryptome.me.
Investor in blockchain and crypto-gaiming projects.
Past experience: Rusnano (Russian state-owned multi-billion venture fund),
Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche.

Davide Mitscheunig – Co-founder at Skillchain

Investor and manager with over twenty years of experience in large multinational
companies such as eBay and Yahoo.
With a deep knowledge of the digital environment, he has successfully managed
several teams and businesses, giving particular attention to the study, experimentation
and application of the rules that govern marketing and people management.

Paul Makowski – CTO at Polyswarm

Paul brings over 10 years of experience in modern software exploitation, program analysis, vulnerability research, reverse engineering, cryptography, and low-level development. At Narf, Paul has reverse engineered, sinkholed and written bespoke malware disinfection tools for Fortune 100 clients, has conducted cutting-edge research on partial homomorphic encryption as it applies to protecting network signatures and programs and has co-designed a confidentiality system for a public / private hybrid blockchain used for identity management. Prior to joining Narf, Paul led cutting-edge information security research and development efforts, identified exploitable vulnerabilities in defensive tools as a Vulnerability Analyst for CERT/CC, was a web application security engineer for McAfee and won DEF CON's CTF competition. Paul holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and a MSc in Information Technology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University


Olivier Forgues – CEO at EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK and  FORGUES GESTION  France and UK.
Olivier has started to invest on financial market at 16, with a strong experience in equities, bonds and derivatives. He survived to financial crisis in October 1987, the Gulf crisis in 1990, the Asian crisis in 1998, the internet bubble in 2001, the sub primes crisis in 2007 and the euro zone crisis in 2011. Also, he founded the AFIDEM, a French association specialized in research on new financial markets places such as, Nasdaq, Easdaq and The Nouveau Marché in Europe from 1995 to 1996.Olivier found Eurostock International Ltd in UK, a platform dedicated to all Ipos in Europe from 1996 to 2001. He was an Associate Director for UBS France (UBS Wealth Management in Paris and for UBS Wealth Management in London for 8 years), Recognized by the French Senate as a principal whistle-blower concerning the UBS scandal of tax evasion in France between 2008 to 2011. Olivier was interviewed by the French Senate. Olivier is very aware and sensitive about AML and clean business practices for the benefit of his clients (while considering the risk of the reputation of his companies). When he left UBS in 2008, he created La Nouvelle Gestion Sarl and La Nouvelle Finance SAS, a full regulated Asset Management company in France, which became Forgues Gestion SAS; Olivier speaks French, English and Italian.

Maciej Sobieski – CMO at Allsporter

As an independently thinking business leader with a can-do attitude, possessing a dynamic
strategic mindset coupled with a creative spark, he provides effective integrated communication
A change agent with a proven track record of success - distinguished as a Young Gun.

In his spare time, he's addicted to traveling and fascinated by martial arts.

Klaus Stark- CEO at repay.me

Klaus Stark is CEO of repay.me (repay.me FL GmbH). He is a licensed Liechtenstein trustee and member of the Liechtenstein Institute for Trustees and as well as the Association of Auditors, Accountants and Tax Consultants in Liechtenstein (VBBS) and a member of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). He has many years of experience in the Liechtenstein trust and financial service sector. Klaus studied Economics at the HWV St. Gallen and holds a diploma in Trustee Management (TEP) in Liechtenstein. Klaus Stark is a co-founder of the Liechtenstein Blockchain-Meetup and crypto expert.



Jacob Mazurkiewicz – CEO and Founder at Travvil

Jacob Mazurkiewicz - CEO and Founder at Travvil Jakob is a travel and food lover. Visitor of different cultures. Fascinated in business web tools. Live with the needfor equanimity in life and in nature.

Ransu Salovaara – CEO at Token Market

CEO of TokenMarket: Digital asset marketplace for investors & growth companies. Creator of BitcoinETI, the first bitcoin-backed exchange traded instrument. Financial industry executive specialised in cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain technology.Revoltura is a company specialised on creating and managing publicly traded, EU passported disruptive investment products. This year we launched Europe's first bitcoin-backed Exchange Traded Instrument, BitcoinETI, that is listed in Gibraltar Stock Exchange and traded in Frankfurt Stock Exchange.TokenMarket is an information, crowdsale and exchange platform for digital assets. We help startups and projects with all aspects of ICO's (Initial Coin Offering), including smart contract security audits, escrow, token distribution, etc.Urram Investments is a family office focusing on fixed income investments, mainly corporate bonds in Europe and in the USA. We also actively look for new, interesting investment opportunities

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