Mariusz Szypura – CEO at GamesCatapult

Mariusz Szypura is the CEO of a Warsaw-based game developing company – Telehorse.

Mariusz studied at Poznan University of Technology. He has worked for advertising agencies as a graphic designer and creative director, running hundreds of campaigns and projects. He has co-operated with major record labels and designed several album covers. What is more, Mariusz is an experienced musician with more than a dozen records under his belt. Telehorse allows him to pull all his skills together and develop video games on his own. Telehorse released award-winning games: Steampunker, Steamburg, Steampunker VR Periscope Shooter and Steamkraft. Mariusz Szypura ranked 26th on the 50 Most Creative People in Business list compiled by Now he is the creative mind involved into building a new gaming platform based on blockchains – GameCatapult.