Olivier Forgues – CEO at EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK and  FORGUES GESTION  France and UK.

Olivier has started to invest on financial market at 16, with a strong experience in equities, bonds and derivatives. He survived to financial crisis in October 1987, the Gulf crisis in 1990, the Asian crisis in 1998, the internet bubble in 2001, the sub primes crisis in 2007 and the euro zone crisis in 2011. Also, he founded the AFIDEM, a French association specialized in research on new financial markets places such as, Nasdaq, Easdaq and The Nouveau Marché in Europe from 1995 to 1996.Olivier found Eurostock International Ltd in UK, a platform dedicated to all Ipos in Europe from 1996 to 2001. He was an Associate Director for UBS France (UBS Wealth Management in Paris and for UBS Wealth Management in London for 8 years), Recognized by the French Senate as a principal whistle-blower concerning the UBS scandal of tax evasion in France between 2008 to 2011. Olivier was interviewed by the French Senate. Olivier is very aware and sensitive about AML and clean business practices for the benefit of his clients (while considering the risk of the reputation of his companies). When he left UBS in 2008, he created La Nouvelle Gestion Sarl and La Nouvelle Finance SAS, a full regulated Asset Management company in France, which became Forgues Gestion SAS; Olivier speaks French, English and Italian.