Sven-Roger von Schilling – Managing Partner at svs CAPITAL PARTNERS

Sven von Schilling is founder and Managing Partner of svs Capital Partners. He advises German and international SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and financial investors, foremost on strategy, finance and M&A.

Sven started his professional career in the early 90-ies as a management consultant at McKinsey and CSC Index, both in Europe and the US. From 2000 until 2010 he was the CFO of a number of PE-owned (syzygy, Petrotec, Leybold Optics) as well as listed tech companies (Gauss Interprise, FJH). In 2010 Sven founded and was the CEO of European CleanTech I, Germany’s second SPAC.

Sven was always at the forefront of capital raising, he prepared and managed 4 Prime Standard IPOs (syzygy, Petrotec, ECT I, deSPACing of ECT I) and advised Helicoentris on a segment change from the General Standard to the Prime Standard. He structured and coordinated two of Germany’s largest 6 crowdfundings (Volocopter, Freygeist) and currently advises a dozen of companies on preparing ICOs.

Sven holds a MBA of Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) as well as a Diplom-Betriebswirt/BBA of DHBW Mannheim (Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University).